Engineering Services


Various requirements must be confirmed a when entering a new business area. On behalf of the client, Japan Blue Planet conducts feasibility studies based on market analysis, equipment inspection, construction/operation cost analysis, financing and coordination with local government. An optimum business plan will be created for the client to ensure the success of the new business.

Project Execution

Project implementation services are carried out by a project team consisting of experienced staff with extensive knowledge of the related technology. This is one of Japan Blue Planet's principal business areas. From planning to the basic design of the plant, detailed design, procurement of materials and equipment, construction, and test operation, Japan Blue Planet constructs a high-quality plant meeting the client's requirements by applying optimum resources from all over the world.

Operation and Maintenance

In addition to operation and maintenance (O&M) services, and facility management (FM), of the completed plant, Japan Blue Planet provides services for the refurbishing of the facility corresponding with shifts in the demand trends and proposes new technologies. Furthermore, Japan Blue Planet develops plans for improvement of the profitability of plants, and system solution services such as production management systems to explore future trends for business development together with the client.

Project Management

Japan Blue Planet carries out total project management in all project phases, including design, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance. The project team is led by a project manager and consists of expert engineers and staff from each discipline, all of whom are fully devoted to the development of the basic plan including schedule, cost, quality, and safety. A plant is a complicated integrated system consisting of different elements/components and functions. They shall possess economic efficiency, reliability, safety, higher operability/maintainability and consideration to the environment. In order to satisfy such requirements, the Japan Blue Planet project team having extensive experience and techniques procures equipment, materials, and multi-national manpower resources on a global scale to complete the construction work on schedule. With high-level engineering technologies and a unique project management system, Japan Blue Planet delivers a plant that fully meets the clients desire.

Project Management System (PMS)

PMS is a tool to manage various resources including human resources, materials/equipment, financial resources, drawings and specifications, and time during the implementation of the design, procurement, construction, and commissioning under a unified concept (WBS). Japan Blue Planet efficiently supports various project implementations by using PMS to guide such projects to a successful completion. PMS consists of various subsystems and they are integrated with the company network. Necessary data can be transferred to overseas offices through the worldwide communication line on a real time basis.

Minimum Investment for Maximum Profit

Profitability is the major factor in deciding whether to carry out a project. Japan Blue Planet determines plant characteristics by forecasting the demand and supply of materials and products, in order that the maximum profit with minimum investment can be achieved for projects in the oil & gas development, gas processing, LNG, petroleum refinery, and petrochemical/chemical fields. Japan Blue Planet performs studies of the best technologies, including licensed technologies, as well as the optimum environmental measures for the project and applies them to the equipment configuration. In addition, Japan Blue Planet estimates plant investment cost by utilizing a database of extensive experience to evaluate economical efficiency. State-of-the-art tools are applied in order to achieve the best possible project, including financing, for the client.

FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Package - Fundamental to Detailed Design

FEED (Front End Engineering Design) is key work that affects 60 - 70% of the plant construction cost. Japan Blue Planet has a sufficient understanding of client requirements and fully considers plant construction cost, safety and operation cost by drawing on its extensive experience, know-how, and state-of-the-art process design tools to develop the optimum process flow for the creation of the FEED package. Japan Blue Planet maintains close contact with technology licensor in order to complete the FEED package. As the highest quality and optimized document, Japan Blue Planet's FEED package is fundamental to the detailed design.

Engineering for Optimum Plant at Minimum Cost

Engineering is the first step on the way to materialize a plant. Its quality greatly affects the overall project. Sound engineering can produce the best plant at minimum cost, based on a comprehensive basic design, and taking into consideration, among others, project schedule, procurement, transportation, construction, and maintenance-related issues. This kind of optimization cannot be attained without long and extensive experience backed by a philosophy that puts the whole project in the right perspective. Japan Blue Planets quality of engineering has been recognized by accreditation to the ISO-9001 standard. Further, we regard our engineering procedures not as individual techniques but as an interrelated complete system pursuing optimization and safety. The 3D computer models provide multi-dimensional and efficient design, eliminating interferences within the plant and with other facilities and optimizing construction and operation work at the site. In addition, we apply value engineering aiming at maximizing the cost effectiveness of the facilities, and HSE (Health Safety and Environment) engineering, aiming at building a safe and environmentally friendly plant. We offer the following engineering services, as part of our EPC services, or independently, to satisfy the varying requirements of our clients.

Engineering Services

  • Process Engineering and Analysis
  • Civil
  • Building
  • Mechanical
  • Combustion Equipment
  • Rotating Machinery
  • Piping
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Electrical
  • HSE
  • Information Technology
  • Laboratory
  • Top Class Technologies


  • Design and installation of in-plant gas turbine and/or steam turbine power generation facilities.
  • Design and installation of HV power receiving, main power distribution, emergency power, and vital power supply systems as well as its energy management system/central supervisory and control system.
  • Design and installation of power wiring, earthing, lighting, electrical heating, cathodic protection systems.
  • Design and installation of plant voice and data communication system, entrance control, intruder alarm system, etc.
  • Various analysis or studies for electrical systems, including power system studies in static, fault, dynamic or transient conditions, protection relaying, energy saving, reliability, EMC, and so on.

Healthy Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

The HSE Policy is to establish Japan Blue Planet as one of the recognized leaders in occupational health, safety and protection of the environment, for both, plant design and work locations, and ultimately achieve the goal of preventing all accidents and injuries.

Further, Japan Blue Planet views a safe design of the plants to be an integral part of the quality of the services supplied to the client and consider HSE to be the primary duty of an employer.

The purpose of the HSE Corporate Policy is to clearly and concisely communicate Japan Blue Planet Corporate Management commitment to HSE to all Japan Blue Planet personnel, subcontractorsand vendors.

Japan Blue Planet Corporate Management recognizes its responsibility for creating and sustaining a culture that supports the implementation of high standards of HSE. Japan Blue Planet Corporate Management, therefore, provides the necessary leadership and commitment to ensure that the necessary resources to develop, operate and maintain the HSE Management Program and to achieve the HSE Corporate Policy and objectives are available.

Japan Blue Planet President assumes ultimate responsibility for HSE.

The HSE Corporate Policy also provides the basis for establishing the HSE Objectives which set the limits within which Japan Blue Planet shall operate and the basis for the establishment of departmental and project plans and objectives.

The HSE Corporate Policy and objectives are communicated to all employees through Corporate Management messages, newsletters, awareness programs and campaigns, and training.

Health and Safety Engineering (HSE) Related Technologies

We offer safety and HAZOP technologies including:

  • HAZID (Hazard Identification) Review
  • HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) Review
  • QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment)
  • Other Plant Safety Assessment
  • Risk-Reduction Study
  • Gas Dispersion Study
  • Vapor Cloud Explosion Study
  • Heat Radiation Study
  • Other Consequence Analysis

Fire protection Services :

  • Design, procurement, installation, and operation of the following fire protection systems
  • Fire water source and distribution systems
  • Foam extinguishing systems
  • Gas suppression systems (clean agent, CO2, etc.)
  • Dry chemical extinguishing systems
  • Fire and Gas detection and alarm systems
  • Fire station, fire vehicles, fire fighting tools & equipment, fire school/training area
  • Fireproofing

Acoustic engineering services:

  • Noise impact assessment and control study for new and existing plant
  • Noise and vibration analysis of equipment and facilities
  • Low-frequency noise analysis for existing plant
  • Noise control design for equipment and facilities

We provide the following computer systems backed by our extensive acoustic engineering experience:

  • NOIPAC (Noise Pollution Assessment and Control System), which is applicable to refinery, petrochemical complex, electric power plant, gas plant, hospital and laboratory buildings.
  • AV-Monitor (Acoustic Vibration-MONITOR), a monitoring system that gives early warning of any fault in the reciprocating machinery by detecting even slight changes in vibrations or sound pressures.

Information Technologies

We apply the most advanced IT applications and databases for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project management in an effectively networked and integrated manner, which include:


Intelligent CAD

Process Database

Equipment Database

Computer Graphics

Electronic Document Management Systems

Materials Management Systems

Project Management Systems

Construction Management Systems

Enterprise Information Portal

Major systems have been web-enabled and they can be accessed from anywhere worldwide.


  • The basic design of laboratory.
  • Selecting applicable test method and laboratory equipment.
  • Support for procurement of laboratory equipment, laboratory furniture and chemical reagent.
  • Preparation of analytical test schedule.
  • Preparation of laboratory rooms layout.
  • The design of necessary utilities (water, hot water, purified water, dry air, special gas, etc) that are needed for analysis.
  • Selecting auxiliary laboratory equipment.
  • The design of local exhaust system.
  • The design of necessary chemical reagents.
  • Development of new analytical method.
  • Field Activities.

a. Installation of laboratory furniture.

b. Installation/adjustment of laboratory equipment.

c. Installation of utility piping and wiring.

d. Training of client's laboratory staff.

e. Evaluation of laboratory data at plant Performance test

  • Managing technical information related to laboratory equipment and methods.
  • Troubleshooting, consultation.
  • Outstanding Ability in Construction Planning and Implementation


Whatever the environmental conditions, uninhabited regions, desert, jungle, or bitterly cold terrains, Japan Blue Planet strictly maintains the construction schedule as well as the estimated cost for successful completion of the plant and to fully satisfy the client. At the start of the project, a plan is developed with the targets set for carrying out construction work with the shortest schedule and minimum cost by combining resources including labor, construction machinery, and materials on a global scale and in an efficient manner. Plant construction is completed by maximally applying the modular construction method, the prefabrication construction method, and state-of-the-art IT technologies. Optimum construction management expertise is introduced at the plant construction site in order to overcome uncertain factors that may arise. The highest quality construction work is conducted to achieve the goals set, by managing such uncertain factors including risk, time, resource, information, organization, and communications

Worldwide Japan Blue Planet Construction Work

Japan Blue Planet carries out construction work in various environments all over the world - from the marshlands in Southeast Asia to grassy plains in South America, as well as from desert in the Middle East to the jungles in Africa. Even considering having to adapt to the local cultures and enduring the diverse, and sometimes severe environments, Japan Blue Planet has always achieved the quality of management and scheduling control that satisfies clients at the international level.

International Staff

Through the optimum assignment of staff in the country/region where the construction work is executed, Japan Blue Planet performs the construction work professionally whilst achieving standards of high quality. Japan Blue Planet has also successfully promoted cost competitiveness by utilizing the services of experienced non-Japanese staff.


During the normal progression of a project from engineering through procurement and to construction there is a need to handle an enormous amount of information that is widely spread over the many disciplines. The final recipient and user of this accumulated database is construction due to its downstream position. Japan Blue Planet's construction team utilizes the data efficiently on a case-by-case basis by drawing from the database to create an optimum construction, plan. In addition, Japan Blue Planet staff has to solve various problems and analyze information that develops during the construction phase and carry out effective countermeasures in a timely manner. Japan Blue Planet has developed unique IT tools to handle these issues. The available database selection covers engineering data, to procurement data to construction know-how historical data, subcontractors' data, estimation data, and on-site monitoring data. There are also available a Construction Cost Estimation System (COCOS) to estimate the construction cost, 4-Dimensional Construction Simulation System (4D CAD SYSTEM) that enables dynamic planning by including the time factor, Construction Management System (CMS) to integrate various databases, and Site Cost Control System (Pro-SCATE) to monitor the site construction cost."E-Construction" is the next generation technology that assists construction to bring the project to a successful completion.


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