Projects Consultancy & Advisory Services

Japan Blue Planet Consulting Services are uniquely suited to bridge the gap between an organization's technology and their business goals and objectives. We offer a full range of services that span from developing technology strategies to optimizing IT infrastructures and applications. Our key differentiator is derived from our ability to focus on improvements that have the greatest impact while avoiding those timely and costly initiatives that deliver insignificant results.

Leveraged effectively, technology should help you reduce operating costs and help build competitive advantage. In a world of rapidly changing technology, it's easy to lose sight of the “big picture”, causing inefficiencies and breaks in not only the technology supporting your business but the processes around it.

Our experience has shown that successful technology initiatives start with a well-conceived plan. Our business and technology professionals can help ensure you are capitalizing on your technology investments and yielding business results. Our comprehensive collection of services ranges from reviewing your existing processes and systems to formulating a strategic plan for an initial technology investment to system selection and integration.

Our services include technology planning, technology operations and impact assessments, technology and business process alignment, technology systems strategy and selection, and project management.

At Japan Blue Planet, we understand how difficult it can be to effectively align your information systems and processes to help achieve your business objectives. Our team of experienced business and technology professionals includes not only Certified Engineers but Practice Managers (virtual CIOs) who are both resourceful and versatile and can help ensure maximum return on your technology investments. We use proven methodologies to create practical and customized approaches in helping you address your IT planning needs.

Business Planning & Implementation

Events of the last few years — floods, blackouts, viruses, hackers, acts of terrorism — have cost companies lost revenue, customers, and valuable data. They have also opened the eyes of corporate executives who are now increasingly implementing recovery plans designed to quickly restore their operations should another calamity occur. While this may be a good reactive strategy, what if you could be proactive and avoid or minimize the impact such disasters could have on your operations?

Japan Blue Planet's Business Continuance services are the answer. We understand that it’s not just about getting servers back up and running; business continuance is about preventing the technology from failing. Japan Blue Planet helps companies develop and solidify their disaster recovery, data backup, storage requirements, and other systems to ensure a comprehensive contingency plan that can avoid and mitigate the potential damages to profit, equipment, and customer loyalty that result from planned and unplanned downtime.

There's no predicting when a disaster will strike. In today's increasingly technology-reliant marketplace, a business continuance plan is a critical component of your company's continued success. Japan Blue Planet has the experience, the vendor relationships, and the proficiency to design and implement Business Continuance services that can mean the difference between hiccup and disaster.

Technology Relocation Advisory

Japan Blue Planet can provide the skills necessary to address any individual component of a business relocation project, or to manage the project from the initial conception through a successfully completed move, such as:

  • Planning and Budgeting - The timing of relocation must be carefully planned to assure that it is transparent to the business operations
  • Telecommunications - We ensure proper design and implementation with your suppliers and your technical staff to deliver both the temporary connectivity needed during the migration process, as well as the final telecommunications environment.
  • Trade Management – Japan Blue Planet brings many years of experience in managing trades and can be your IT representative to assure that the right work is being done, in accordance with the terms of the contracts.
  • Technology Selection And Migration - Japan Blue Planet can help replace your current technology with newer technology, within budget and on time, in addition to migrating all application and data to the new facility.
  • Technology Relocation - Japan Blue Planet provides complete desktop, network and server relocation services for the move from your current location to your new location.

Network/Server Monitoring

For many businesses, their network and severs have become their primary method of communicating with their customers, vendors and employees. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that the technology infrastructure is always available and operating at peak efficiency. If any critical device suffers an outage, the downtime results in lost productivity for the entire organization.

The ability to predict, quickly identify and resolve problems is the cornerstone to maintaining peak performance. Japan Blue Planet's Network/Server Monitoring Services improve the reliability and performance by continuously monitoring and pro-actively managing critical system operations. These services also enable Japan Blue Planet to more rapidly resolve unforeseen technology issues and produce meaningful activity reports that help quantify the business value of technology investments and improvements. The 24 x 7 proactive monitoring provides peace-of-mind that key components of the technology infrastructure are operating reliably.

Getting started is easy. Japan Blue Planet will identify and suggest key elements to be monitored, such as Internet connectivity, firewalls, mail, web and file servers. Once identified, a engineer will set up and configure thresholds for each device that provides the status of all the elements being monitored. If a monitored device or element reaches a threshold, a notification is triggered by the system. Based on the notification rules, a Japan Blue Planet engineer will verify the alarm and begin to remotely diagnose and resolve the issue. If the issue is severe enough based on the notification rules, the client is notified that an alarm has been activated and problem diagnosis has begun.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the primary contributing factor to minimizing disruptions caused by technology. Japan Blue Planet is a huge proponent of pro-actively managing technology environments and has proven analysis to substantiate their position. Preventative maintenance services manage the routine processes associated with the day-to-day operations of maintaining technology. They include performance benchmarking, equipment operational integrity, data storage management, patch management, and a complete review of all logs. These services are typically delivered at night, or on the weekend, as not to disrupt the business.

Data Protection (Backups)

One of the greatest assets of any business is the information contained within their computer systems. It’s imperative this data be protected and resides in a minimum of two locations. The options available are either installing and managing a tape or disk backup system, or utilizing a service that remotely backs up the data to a secure environment.

Remote Backups

Japan Blue Planet can automatically protect your data on a daily basis by backing it up and storing it in one of our secure data centers. This process is fully automated and extremely reliable. Plus data can be immediately restored with the click of your mouse. It completely eliminates the worrying about whether you backed up your data at night.

Backup Management

For businesses that prefer to control their backup systems, Japan Blue Planet offers a service to manage this process. We will monitor and maintain backups on a daily basis. Additionally, we will ensure that daily jobs are running and will monitor logs and resolve any critical errors. In the event of data loss, Japan Blue Planet will be there to restore your data and will ensure business continuity.

Advisory Services - "Virtual CIO"

Good sound unbiased advice on managing technology systems is crucial. That's why we offer the services of a virtual Chief Information Officer, vCIO. Their role is to provide your senior management team with all the insight and options related to both technology and business issues within your organization. Our vCIOs have more than 15 years of experience in creating budgets, strategies, and long term plans. Additionally, they can assist in managing technology projects, resolving disruptions caused by third parties, or conduct year-end audits and compliance reviews. Many of our customers feel their business is too small to capitalize on this service but the contrary applies. We have helped countless clients save significant money by providing accurate guidance and good faith recommendations.

Technology Procurement Assistance

One of the fastest growing line item on any budget is the cost of technology equipment. Over the last several years we have worked hard to control these costs for our customers. Whether it's locating the best source for procuring this equipment or negotiating the best financing we don't stop until we get the best deal.

This year we have made some significant advancement with these programs. Based on the collective purchasing power of all our customers we have been able to structure special pricing contracts with a variety of sources. Although the margins in this industry are not tremendous a few percent off a purchase that costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars can yield some very nice savings. Think of it as found money!

Vendor Management

It’s extremely time-consuming dealing with technology vendors relating to issue with a limited understanding of the problem. That's why Japan Blue Planet offers vendor management services. We will deal with all communications regarding technology products or services. Whether negotiating a new contract or troubleshooting a service outage, Japan Blue Planet acts on our client's behalf to ensure the best services/products are being delivered at the best price.

Asset Management

Japan Blue Planet will work with you to review your corporate assets and develop a life cycle plan for both software and hardware. This process will ensure that each member of your team is working with the right technology, which will increase workforce productivity.


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