Telecommunication & Communication Projects

1992 to Date: Major R&D Projects:

Hard and software Develop and operate Mobile phone for following Clients:

  • Toyota – (vehicle phone- complete design and manufacturing supervision)
  • Samsung ( concept design and first prototype)
  • Fujitsu ( jointly manufacturing the first Japanese PHS)
  • Ericsson - Sweeden  ( mobile phone concept design with enhanced IC )
  • Motorola ( Concept design and first prototype)
  • Hitachi (Concept design and first prototype)
  • Panasonic (Concept design and first prototype- first IC digital cordless phone design)
  • Nokia – Finland ( special wireless- satellite project)
  • Sharp - ( PHS design)
  • NEC ( Jointly in various project) -Japan
  • Philips GSM network- prototype
  • Telital – Italy (first mobile phone design- jointly venture project- GSM network)
  • Iridium Satellite-USA ( design space segment- land line and Gateway
  • Globalstar Satellite- USA – Space segments- LEO satellite
  • NTT land and Satellite communication projects

2. Designed desktop UHF Repeater for Mobile phone- First in Japan

3. Introduced One-chip Digital Cordless Phone- Japan first production

4. Designed 64GHz Mobile Radio- Japan first

5. Designed for noise suppression the first Super-conductor Radio Systems using Helium below 165 centigrade

6. Semiconductor & Applications designed and produced jointly by NTT, Mini-sized Semiconductor Plant for Prototyping & Low-volume Manufacturing, High-voltage, high-speed IC Chips for Electric Vehicle

7. Designed & production Ultra-high Speed Pulse Generator for Defense Applications - Japan

8. Designed Standardized ULSI Chipset for Mobile phone- RICO

9. First in Japan destined Smart Antenna for Mobile phone


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