Company Charter

R&D, Manufacture, Sales, Import/Export, Investment and Finace Managment & Planning, Projects Implementation, Consultation, Management, and Financing as follows:

  • Electrical and Optical Communications & Telecommunications
  • Electric & Renewable Power Systems, Grids including permanent power generation
  • Space Communications and Space Programs & Technology
  • Broadcasting Through the net
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Space Probes
  • Traffic and Transport Systems Management and Controlling
  • Mother Machines and Production Systems
  • Medical and Holistic BioFeed Back Energy healing Medical Machines
  • Quantum Devices and Quantum Waves generations instruments and systems
    2. ODA Formating Policy and Related Business & Project Finance - Management
    3. Research and Program Management of Ecology and Large-scale Disasters and Green Energy
    4. Agriculture and Water Resources Developing and building New Society Environmental Friendly
    5. Fishery and Related Business Based on Environmental Friendly Programs accroding to World Standard
    6. Exploration and Technology provision to all Natural Resources and Petrochemical


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